Corbin Saddle-Materials

We've tried a lot of materials for our motorcycle seats and found that quality leather can't be beat. Your seat lives in a rough environment and is subject to lots of abuse. Leather provides the perfect combination of durability and comfort. But beware, not all leathers are alike, some have a rubberized coating to hide blemishes and try to make the hide appear uniform. Coated leathers don't breath like they should... That why we use natural hides, the real cowboy stuff.
These natural hides have unique markings that we call character. Real cowhide has imperfections and scars, that's just the way cows are. When we make your saddle's cover, we work around big stuff like bullet holes, but it is likely you will notice some small marks in the leather. These marks aren't flaws, they're a distinguishing characteristic of a good quality hide. Remember too that leather is organic and will mature into its own unique color and texture from use, sun, rain and time. Real leather sometimes chafes a little or wrinkles just like your leather jacket.That is the general nature of un-plasticized leather. Maturing is natural and will enhance the custom qualities of your Corbin saddle.
Last, but not least... Leather will break in along with the foam shape and give you a personalized fit. Just like the thirty year old easy chair that has a permanent impression of your cheeks, Corbin's foam and leather cover will adapt to your body over time.

Just condition it regularly with a quality leather conditioner like our Saddle Cream. This will help to keep it supple and water resistant...It will be your close friend for years to come.

"Faux" Texture-Leather
The textured leathers shown at left give the look of exotic skins, but are actually specially treated and embossed cowhide or deerskin. That's why you see them referred to as "Faux" (pronounced FOE), which is just a fancy word that means fake
If you wish"Faux"-Leather, add 50.- EUR per seat.

Standard Leather with smooth or accent surface
Our standard leather is available in either smooth or accent surface. The Accent pattern is embossed in the hide, but does not actually perforate the material this makes a nice finishing touch without degrading the leathers long term performance. Both of these leather types can be used with or without a tasteful stitch pattern.

"Carbon Fiber" Leather
Take a close look at the pattern of this stuff and you'll see why. Yes, this is actually really leather! Carbon Fiber leather is available at the same price as any other leather.

Antique Leather
Antique leather offers a very nice feel and is extremely durable. It provides a nostalgic look that adds the perfect touch to many of today's Cruiser motorcycles. When you order a saddle with Antique leather, it costs no more than our standard leather and we can even add fringe.

Smooth Vinyl
Vinyl is an excellent alternative for a leather-look, is extremely durable and weather resistant. It requires minimal care and is available in an extremely wide range of colors. We use only the finest and most durable material available to assure you a product that will provide years of enjoyment. To answer your question before you ask it... Vinyl is great stuff, but leather lasts longer and breathes better.

Here you see the colors of the available Smooth Vinyl leathers:

1. White
2. Sand Leather
3. Antique Brown
4. TAN (#KPL030)
5. Buckskin
6. Bomber Jacket
7. Chocolate
8. Bright Red
9. Burgundy
10. Grey
11. Royal Blue
12. Navy Blue
13. Black